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What brand of battery doyou have? CCA? How old is it?

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Looking for what you guys run and what works for you. Single or duals?Thanks
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I run a Duralast Gold Battery. I bought it last june to replace the last one that was in my truck for 8 years and the thing still cranked. Thats all I'll ever buy.
Well what are you looking for? What do you have wired up?
I have a Deka right now, replaced my stock battery about 2 months ago. CCA is 830 I think....
05 Silverado, original battery, 600cca. Still works like a new one. Knock on wood......... :) 43k miles
I only buy Die Hard Gold batteries, outstanding warranty and great service when at a Sears! My two trucks sit out all night long every night of the nasty cold MN winters and have NEVER been left with a battery that wont fire the truck the first turn.
I am running a optima red top I love it.
I've got an Interstate Battery.. Installed it a year ago, but not sure what CCA it is..
I've always used Interstate Batteries.. and I've always ended up getting rid of the car before I had to replace the battery again!
The Honda dealership I worked at for a couple years always always had us them in cars that came in that weren't Hondas.. Never once saw one come back either.. They are really good batteries from what I've seen..

However.. I worked at Pep Boys for a couple years.. They sold Energizer and Bosch batteries.. Those were always coming back within 6-18 months of being purchased..
I run a battery from a place around here called Rocky's Battery. I believe it is either a 660 or 700 CCA. I bought one of these to replace the original one in my truck 3 years ago, when the original kicked the bucket after 7 years. I left a light on and killed the thing twice within 12 hours, so I decided I'd just pay the difference on their warranty and get a new one. The first one held up well whenever I used my truck's stereo for long periods of time at parties, so I'm pretty happy with them. I will be setting up a dual system in my next truck so I can run more accessories without having to worry about the battery.
Advance auto brand 800CCA, in the truck and no idea in the car as long as it starts i wont be looking...
In the trucks I have wal-mart branded batteries at the moment, though the Suburban's batteries will soon be swapped with Optima Yellow tops.

Here's an interesting tidbit of information... All lead-acid car batteries are made by the same 2 or 3 manufacturers, then they slap a sticker on the battery to indicate what brand they are. A buddy of mine works at a shop where they sold Interstate batteries. Then one day they got a directive from higher up that they were now selling Energizer brand batteries and a pack of stickers with instructions on how to rebrand their existing batteries to the Energizer brand.
Optima Red top. Holds up to off-road and winching abuse.
I have one of the Wal-Mart Everstart MAXX batteries. It received good reviews from Consumer Reports.
I have a well used (9+ years old) Interstate C27-XHD, 675 cold cranking amps, 845 cranking amps. This thing was given to me some time ago cuz it was dead, but it only needed a good charge & it spins my 5.7 over like it's brand new. Had to cut & modify the tray to make it fit in cuz it's too big, but I'm amazed this thing is so old & still cranks like a mo fo :)

X2 on what Christopher says about only being a few battery manufacturers. My friend used to work at a batt factory & he said they had dozens of different labels they would put on different batches depending on which company had placed the orders.
still running stock battery, no problems to date. Will replace with a dual battery setup, with optimas. (will beef up audio system and be adding winch, thus the dual battery)
Hello, I noticed your conversation and wanted to offer some assistance. While there are a few manufacturers who produce most of the batteries on the market, we produce all of our own batteries in our own facility and they are the only batteries made there. We never re-brand or re-spec our batteries for any of our retail partners. I'm glad to hear so many of you have had good experiences with our batteries. However, I do want to mention that RedTops are designed and warrantied for starting applications. If you plan on using a winch, large stereo system or other significant electrical accessories, a battery designed for deep-cycle use is a better option, provided it can also meet or exceed the OEM requirements for cranking amps. If anyone has any questions about our batteries, I'll do my best to answer them.

Jim McIlvaine
eCare Manager, OPTIMA Batteries, Inc.
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I use the walmart Everstart Maxx in the truck, wifes car and Land Rover. $75 bucks and 5 year free replacement and 9 year pro rated. Funny thing I found when I went to replace my Land Rover battery is that the batteries are different for northern california and southern California (N or S after number), with higher CCA on the norcal batteries. I think it had 1000CCA in Norcal and about 800CCA for socal dont remember off the top of my head. probably cuz it doesnt get as cold down here. My trucks battery is close to 800CCA and even the cars battery is almost 700CCA.
Cold in Cali... LOL
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