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what happened??????

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as I was coming home in my 82 GMC van early this am, I was preparing to turn in my driveway, engine suddenly quit, and now will not re start. it simply cranks (kind of fast), will not fire. it was running very good up until it quit. I have to get it pulled in to my yard first before I can remove the outhouse, to look at the engine. what went wrong??????
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Busted flexplate maybe.
Although engines don't usually stall from that, they just don't ever start again.
Can you hear the engine turning over, or just the sound of the starter spinning quick.
Can you see if your distributor rotor spins when you crank it.
I will have to check when I get it pulled in my yard,it's sitting on the street now
I did a quick check,and the engine is turning over,(put mark on alt fan, it moved after cranking it for a sec) can't do much else to it where it sits now. was running smoothly before it happened
fuel pump? Pop the line and see if any fuel comes out. I've had this happen before, mind you on a FoMoCo. Driving down the road it it just died without warning.
I got it pulled in the yard, rotor is turning, and is getting fuel. pulled a plug wire, and stuck a plug in to it, and placed it close to ground, I saw no spark. so, I'll pull the module first, and see if it's bad
I bet my money on the module :he:
Ok I'll bite. Cap, rotor and module.
was the module. took it to have tested, failed miserably.
put a new one in, runs great again!!
was the module. took it to have tested, failed miserably.
put a new one in, runs great again!!
Good for you she's alive again! What did me and Davandy win :lol:
At least it failed near home. I've broken down 1000 miles from home before while I was going away to work for the summer. Not fun.

Glad you're back in the saddle again! :party:
Congrats on the easy fix!
Sweet glad ya got it going!

Steve how can I get ya a Pic of my Van? they are a bit larger than a mesley 91bits.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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