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Not good and not much more, depending on gear ratios you might get between 13 and 15 in mixed driving.
Synthetics in all the gear box's
a good tune up
Remove any external brush guards or bug guards, anything that messes with aerodynamics.
keep a clean airfilter in it, I like K&N filters but in a 7.4ltr they dont change much from my experience.
Learn to drive like a hypermiler
And keep an eye on tire pressures
Whenever possible drive with as little load in the bed as you can.
My wife had the ability to get as high as 17mpg on a couple tank of fuel in our 97 7.4 ltr 4x4 Suburban but she has little feet and cant press the gas pedal very hard.

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wow a 454 in a 1 ton.I have a put together 1 ton Suburban,,(no GM never made one in 91') as the previous poster had said is everything has to be right to get the best mileage and even with you getting the ''best' mileage that truck can get its not going to be great,maybe not even good.

mine,(well i have not even tried to ck as right as it can get and i have become very good friends with the Shel station just around the corner from my house.
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