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what kind of Air intake??

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intake should i get? 13 silver ado 1500 5.3
i was recommended volant by a friend any volant owners if so opinions please
or any other recommendations would love feed back.

if im posting in the wrong section i apologize new here
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I am also an authorized dealer for one of the best cold air intakes there is out there, by Cold Air Inductions, Inc. They have enclosed, insulated air boxes to keep out engine bay heat, ceramic coated intake tubes to reduce/eliminate heat soak, etc. You can check it out here and just select your vehicle from the drop-down list to get the info/details about the model for your truck. You can also click on the picture to get a popup of additional pictures of it that you can go through.

But if you still decide to go Volant instead, do yourself a favor and do NOT get their "powercore" filter, they suck.. they tend to make the trucks run very rich at part-throttle normal driving... I've seen it time and time again on several hundreds I've done tunes for that had them... you'll be better off with their regular cone-type filter...
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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