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what kind of Air intake??

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intake should i get? 13 silver ado 1500 5.3
i was recommended volant by a friend any volant owners if so opinions please
or any other recommendations would love feed back.

if im posting in the wrong section i apologize new here
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Airaid Jr which is just a different than stock intake tube, and a washable filter in the stock air box, is what I put on my truck. It improves the sound and gives it a very tiny little kick. And it was about 40-50% of the price of the full CAI kits, which unless you're throwing a big turbo on or something, you're not going to need anyway. You can even just get the intake tube without the filter, and stick with stock replacements if you want.

The main problem with the stock system is the intake tube, as it has some restrictions for muffling and such. The stock air box is big enough to provide more than enough air flow than your engine will need, without making big changes to the engine itself. A cone filter in the same place isn't going to get you more, or colder, air. The stock system is a cold air intake already. It's just the tube that has a restriction.
Hi everyone
Air intake play important role in vehicle performance.So keep it clean.cold air intake is best for all can actually improve you engine will also increase your horsepower. cold air is more dense so it will get better mileage.
The factory system is a cold air intake. Also, see this:


Cold air is good. But the factory intake system is already designed to get cold air in the engine. And the stock filter keeps it clean. The main issue with the stock intake system is the tube, which induces some restrictions, partly to reduce intake noise, and partly to reduce intake moisture, and force some of the oil to fall out of the incoming air. The oil in the air is coming from the PCV (and maybe a washable filter if you've got one). No air filter is going to keep the oil from the PCV from getting in the intake air stream. You'd need to switch to open air breathers, or similar, to avoid contaminating the intake air with oil droplets from the PCV.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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