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What sounds good to me

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I've pretty much been doing alot of planning with my colorado. i'm officially kicking myself for having bought the i-4 instead of the i-5, but the long arm of the law and my bank appreciate me for having made my choice. currently the aftermarket is either pretty slim or too pricey to do a whole lot with the colorado. i have bought the new street scene cal vu side mirrors for my truck, and i have upgraded the sound system with an alpine deck, alpine 6 disc changer, alpine xm tuner, alpine component speakers, alpine 4-channel amp, alpine mono block amp, and 2 alpine 12s. not quite done with the system yet though, gonna buy an audio control bass maximizer, and possibly remote wire the steering column with controls for my radio. just read about the shock wave air struts for the colorado that "promise" 6-8 inches of pure air bag pleasure without sacrificing wheel well space, or going to rough on the alignment (people who have driven bagged trucks know about that side to side with the steering wheel while driving). also if your looking at any 5 spoke aftermarket wheels, well your gonna need to get the wheel adapters, shame they didn't leave a 5 lug pattern like the old s-10s. overall i love the clean lines of the truck, just a little shaving here and there, mainly that ugly third brake light, and you have yourself an instant show truck that all the people can enjoy, well other than those putrid ford lovers.
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Hey sounds good. What year is your Colorado?
My Colorado is a 2005 4dr. I just added a Jason tonneau cover for trips.
:mdr: Post some pics!
Sounds :cool:, should be a nice lookin' ride. Like the great Tony Soprano once said Rock out...opps, better not do the rest...:lol:
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