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What's the normal operating temp range?

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What's the normal operating temp for the standard v8? It seems that my temp is going up a little bit each year. Like it's 200 degrees lately when it was like 180 last few years.

Should I get the coolant flushed out?
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180 to 210. Probably time to flush the coolant system and have a competent radiator shop clean out your radiator, which is a lot cheaper if you remove it and take it in.
Yeah, I agree. If you're in a 99 then it's a 6 year old rig and it's time to get it flushed out.
I'll see if I can't take her into the local shop and see if they can't give me a flushing service before the summer comes up. It's bound to start getting hot here in Tenn before too long and I'd hate to be shut down on the side of the road with something stupid like overheating.
How hot does it get in Nashville during the summer anyhow?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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