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Hey everyone, I am very new to the site,(this is my first post). I always find myself coming here for tips so I figured I'd save some trouble and just ask this one myself. Ok, I am beginning some modifications to my 07 silverado, all in all I will be repainting, swapping flow master super 40 for Dyno Max Ultra flow dual, installing halo hid headlights, spider led taillights, new wheels, spectre cold air intake, and a bullydog triple dog GT tuner.

Now on to my main issue, I am having trouble deciding on which offset to go with on the wheels, I want an aggressive stance but I ABSOLUTELY do not want to have to trim because honestly when it comes to that I would not know what I was doing and I dont want to screw up my truck. Would I be better suited to go with a close to factory offset and use spacers/adapters (not the sandwich kind the bolt on kind) or would I be better off going with a 0 to negative offset and with or without spacers. I would love to know any ideas you guys have on how to get that nice stance without rubbing being an issue. I am truly lost, but I am sure I came to the right place, there are a lot of beautiful trucks on here.
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