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Hello everyone, haven't been around in a while. Been living overseas working, but I am moving back home and its time to pick up where I left off with my truck. :glasses:

Now I poured through the stickys, and used the search function, which brought some great threads and a lot of material. But the one thing I really missed out on was, a lot of the orginial posters rarely came back and say, "hey this worked great" or "had some issues" or __________. And at the time of this post the first post in the section, is about a lift/tire combo :whistle:

Here is what I have:
2005 k1500 Crew Cab

Here is what I want to do:
Wheels: 20x9 KMC XD's RockStar
Tires: 305/55/20 *street tire, as I do 90% of street driving

My questions:

1. With this combo will a leveling kit be ok for clearance issues, because in the sticky "Newbie" with the great link to a tire/wheel fittment chart, it says "lift kit". I don't want to do a lift kit, just want to make sure there is no clearance/drive ability issues.

2. With this wheel tire combo should i upgrade the brakes, or just do a pad/steel braided line combo? I will add, I am concerned with the added weight (even though its not really that much) and the fact that i pull a trailer 7 months out of the year, on average 2 weekends a month with 3 race motorcycles and supporting gear. I don't want to affect the ability to pull and stop the trailer.

Thanks in advance for the help, and thanks for all the great information the forum provides!


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Well after doing some more reading just now, should i go 20x8.5? with a 285/50/20

I want to fill out the wheel wells width wise as well as profile.

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