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where are all the diesel suburbans? [Expired Topic]

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i,ve been looking lots of places including ebay and have not seen a single diesel suburban for sale. am truly bereft since my 85 was stolen!- at least one person likes them. any ideas or info?
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Hey Higado, I think the problem is that they are not for sale not that they are not out there. If you look at the guys on the forum there are a LOT of folks out here with 200k + miles on their trucks. Suburbans in general and particularily the diesels don't change hands as often as other vehicles, the owners just enjoy them TOO MUCH !.
I've been having conversations with Diesel owners. It's amazing that there aren't more diesels out there, especially in the south where you don't have to worry about a hard freeze. It looks like all major auto manufacturers are going to have a diesel option for just about every make/model in the next 2 years.
I've got a Diesel Suburban!! It's for sale too! Shipping to LA will hurt (I'm in Ohio), but I'll make you a GREAT deal!

I think that this is a good conversation. The Diesel is a good engine, it last longer, fuel is more stable than gasoline, it's cheaper and can be made out of penut oil for crying out loud, supporting local farmers instead of middle-easterers.

Have any of you diesel owners had a problem with freezing diesel in the winter?
Never had any issues with freezing, but I have experienced some gelling over the last winter. The couple of times that it did happen, some anti-gel and fuel additive took care of it straight away.

On another note, there was a guy on the news the other day with a 1986 Mercedes with 211k miles that he was running on vegetable oil! He said that he switched to the veggie stuff about 4 years and 80k miles ago, and hasn't looked back since! The down side of course, is the obvious additional expense (the veggie oil is about equivalent to $4.00/gallon), but he says it sure does smell good!
Yeah, Willie Nelson is big on promoting biodiesel. He runs his tour bus on biodiesel. It's just amazing that it works like that.
The big problem with bio diesel is that it is so hard to find stations that sell it......
Make it in your garage. Hit up the local schools for their fryer oil and buy a biodiesel kit to make it yourself.
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