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I'm new to this site.
I own a 2005 Chevy Colorado, 2wd, 5cyl, manual transmission, air conditioning but other than that with no "toys". It now has 23,000km on the clock.
Since new, it has suffered a hesitaion, which feels like a missfire, when pulling from 1500 to 2500/3000 rpm in almost any gear. It is really noticeable when towing my camper. It also emitts two or three loud "pops" from the exhaust when starting when the engine is hot. The fuel consumption is lousy. This is not weather related but is worse when it is hot.
It went back to the "selling" dealer at about 2000 km and they could/would do nothing as there were no "fault codes on the computer". Have since had it in to the local GMC dealer (4 times now) who are at least "trying". To do what I'm not sure. The GM Canada rep looked at it and has asked for tests which have been done and sent to "TECH" and on to "ENGINEERING". Now they want to test a similar truck but can't seem to find one. (Don't know how they let you know of a recall if they can't track the "relatives" to my unit).
If you have a unit like mine and the 8th digit of the VIN code is "6" I and GM would like to hear from you, especially if you live in South Western Ontario but anywhere will do. (There may be a free oil change in it for you).
Also has anyone out there come across a handbrake kit to install a useable/sensible parking brake in one of these. Does the Isuzu have a hand brake in the US. It's not available here.
The lack of a keyable passenger door lock is a PITA. Does anyone know if the drivers door lock will fit and can be modified to work in the passenger door. Are these vehicles sold in right hand drive countries so a lock would be available. Will the Isuzu ones fit? If anyone has done this please let me know.
Thanks, RG

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First, welcome to the site.

Has there been any follow-up on this? I imagine it would be easy to track.
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