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Where to find Diamond plate tailgate cap for my 2006?

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Hey guys I've been looking for a diamond plate cap to put along my tailgate but I can't find one that fits ANYWHERE on the internet. The only one I found is a OEM spoiler COVER. and since I don't have the spoiler it won't fit. Does anybody here have one on their truck or know where I can get one? I guess if it really comes down to it I can buy the factory spoiler first or get one at a junkyard but I wanna go as simple as possible and find a straight up Diamondplate tailgate cap. And its gotta be diamond plate since thats the whole theme I got goin on with it right now!

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Maybe you can grab a stock tailgate cap from the scrappers for cheap off something wrecked? I only say this because I have some of the DeeZee brite plate bed rail caps on my truck and the low pro box and their fit and finish is great. I plan to get the "spoiler cover" once mine gets beat up some more, or once I return to work after 9 weeks off for my final Union training. Here's mine anyways to give you an idea. I've heard good things about the bushwacker stuff too though.

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