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Which Size Bumper Hitch - No Tow Package

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I need to know what size bumper hitch to get for my 1999 Suburban. I do not have a tow package, and a bumper hitch is all I need. PLEASE HELP!!
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not sure what your question is. you do not have a tow package installed but you want a hitch. what will it slide into? do you have a step bumper andd want to install a ball to tow? if so most common is the 2" ball but you will need to see the rating of the trailer and the the bumper. you need to provide more information. what type of trailer do you wish to tow? how often do you plan to tow? how far are you planning to tow? all this will net you the correct answers for what to get reciever/hitch/tranny cooler/oil cooler/ eclectric brak controler or ball size................"more input" as number 5 would say.....mike
I'm going to guess that you're asking what receiver you should get?
If you go to they have a good system to help you determine what receiver, and hitch you should get based on your vehicle, and what you intend to tow.
Like Collins suggested you need to evaluate your situation, and depending on what you plan to tow, you may find that you need to get more than just the receiver, and hitch.

FYI, the receiver is the part that bolts underneath the vehicle, and the hitch is the small black/silver/chrome piece that holds the ball, and attaches to the receiver.

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