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Who makes tonneau covers for GM ?

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Does anyone know who makes the covers for GM ? The kind of look like Advantage the way they latch. I bought an Extang but so far two of them dont fit right. I'd like to buy the one from GM but theyre a little pricey and it says you need to have the bed rail protectors. I put this post on another site also. Somebody out there must know !
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You sent a reply on my original post about Extang covers. I understand you've installed a bunch of these. Send me a PM with your email and I'll send you the same group of pictures that I sent Extang. The customer service guy that Ive been dealing with doesnt know why but even he thinks it doesnt look right .
The only way the front rail corners sit right on the bed rail is when you put the thicker foam under them Then it raises the rails even higher. I followed the instructions that come in the box to the letter and the rear rail sits way too high if you ask me. I only did one side because I didnt have enough extra foam pieces to do both. I called Extang and they said I shouldnt need all the extra foam to begin with. Thats when they wanted to see what I was working with.
I hope you guys understand, Im not some bonehead thats never owned a truck before. Ive had these covers on quite a few other trucks in the past and NEVER had any problems.
I didnt feel like anyone was questioning my abilities but we all know there are some folks out there that will never own a wrench. And there are also guys out there that own them but dont know what theyre used for ! Ive been driving 4x4s since the mid 70s. Long before it became the "fashionable" thing to drive. I usually put the same stuff on each truck that I own. Over the years Ive calmed down a lot as far as spending money on daily drivers. Especially since the newer trucks come with so many options. I would rather spend the money on a part for my car instead of a set of aftermarket rims or lights for my truck. But the cover on the bed is a must !
Well this is great ! I received a call just now from Mike at Extang customer service. It seems the guy from their design department took one of the covers to the local Chevy dealer to test fit it and it doesnt fit right ! So they have to change the design a little. He said theyre going to try narrowing the front and rear rails to start. Im calling Summit to get the pick up ticket so I can send it back. Maybe I'll wait a couple of weeks to call them back to see if theyve made any changes. OR maybe I'll just buy a different brand of cover. At least I know it wasnt me !
Well I thought you guys would like to hear an update on this mess. I went to the local Chevy dealer because they have a couple of new trucks on the lot with the OEM soft tonneaus. I looked real close at how they work. I went back to the GMC dealer where I bought my truck to get a price on the soft tonneau not the one with the hard liner. $525 was the best they could do. I called Advantage. They are the company that makes the covers for GM. Not just for GM trucks in general. They make them for the GM corporation. So I ordered one from Summit today for $349. Should be here by the end of next week. Pays to shop and do your homework.
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