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Who's got a bug guard? [Expired Topic]

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Who's got a bug guard on the front of their truck? Some poeple also call them a rock-chip guard. I think next to mud flaps, it's got to be the most common exterior accessory that exists? What do you think?
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I have one :p
I had one one the ford pick up untill I hit a deer with it. It might hold up to the bugs but just shattered when I hit that deer at 40.
Yeah, they don't call it a deer guard, although they do sell a "whistle" thing that you can put in your grill that supposedly emits a high freq sound that scares off deer.
The previous owner of my Suburban had one on there, but it was removed before I got it. I don't think it was installed properly because there's some pretty deep rub marks on the hood. I may put one on just to cover those up.
Im looking to get one cant decide which model though, I have one on my wifes truck and it has worked good.
I have one on the Trailblazer but that's it. It was on there when I bought the truck. It's nice not having to worry about rock chips on the front of the hood.
The reason I got one for the wifes was Love Bugs they eat the paint right off and the leading edge of the hood seemed to be a magnet!
I had one on a previous truck and it was ok but when I finally took it off I had those "rub marks". Even though I had mounted it with the little rubber "Nubs" that were supposed to prevent rub marks.

I suppose though if you don't hit a deer and don't take it off you'd be fine.
I have one. My hood has some rub marks, but it was because a couple screws loosened up, and one fell out, so the required gap was lost. I notice a lot of people (around here) put the bug guard right up snug with the hood, instead of leaving a space between it, and the front of the hood.
I think there is supposed to be some spacing, for good reason. Certainly, you don't want it to rub.
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