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Who's got a bug guard?

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Who's got a bug guard on the front of their truck? Some poeple also call them a rock-chip guard. I think next to mud flaps, it's got to be the most common exterior accessory that exists? What do you think?
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I got a bug guard. I like it better than those auto bras people use. I had a gmc jimmy and the front got beat up since I did not have one then.
I've put bug guards on every truck that I own. It does protect the front edge of the hood, that's for sure. Not sure if it helps the aerodynamic flow over the windsheild or not though.
i just put a lund bug guard on my truck then drove from jersey to south carolina and back.
all i know is that the bugs get bigger as you get more south, and they stayed off the hood but decorated my windshield instead.
i guess it works, but it would be cooler if i didnt have to scrape the bugs of my windshield ;)

95 tahoe LT (rip)
05 tahoe
LOL! That's true. The bugs are MUCH bigger in the south. I grew up in Washington State. No doubt about it. I've been in Dallas/Fort Worth for 6 1/2 years now.
I know this thread started some time ago, but I'm a newbie. I just purchased an '07 Tahoe LTZ and the first thing I did was put mud flaps/guards (junk -see other post this date) and the GM accessory bug guard on. The bug guard looks great and I'm very happy with it. Put one on every truck I've owned. Bugs come off the windshield without scratching. Not always true where the paint is concerned.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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