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why did you buy your captiva?

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I just bought a 2014 captiva last week. So far love it. It's mainly for my wife to drive. Kids and family hauling, and mainly rely able car are the main factors. Also this was to replace a worn-out but wonderful 99 caravan that had 229,000 on the clock. But was still ticking at least. But I knew time was running out! I've been spying on these little cute utes for some time and thought that they looked good and I also like the looks of the cruize. But my wife wanted a car that sat like the van and got better gas milage. And after 16 years and 3 minivans I was done with the 3rd row, hey we can all just take your car stuff. But I didn't want to lose the space for luggage. We do travel a bit usually twice a year. Seems like it will fit the bill with luggage rack on top like I had on van 2. And compared to dodge van the tank capacity is only one gal smaller and it is still flex fuel. But I get 138 miles more on a tank. My only gripe is no memory seat functions sense I split Time with her on this car over the van. So why did you buy your captiva? I'm curious most bag on them. Let's see where they really fit in life!
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Hey why not? It is. I'm man enough to say it, it's my car (at least as far as loan co and state is concerned ).
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