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why did you buy your captiva?

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I just bought a 2014 captiva last week. So far love it. It's mainly for my wife to drive. Kids and family hauling, and mainly rely able car are the main factors. Also this was to replace a worn-out but wonderful 99 caravan that had 229,000 on the clock. But was still ticking at least. But I knew time was running out! I've been spying on these little cute utes for some time and thought that they looked good and I also like the looks of the cruize. But my wife wanted a car that sat like the van and got better gas milage. And after 16 years and 3 minivans I was done with the 3rd row, hey we can all just take your car stuff. But I didn't want to lose the space for luggage. We do travel a bit usually twice a year. Seems like it will fit the bill with luggage rack on top like I had on van 2. And compared to dodge van the tank capacity is only one gal smaller and it is still flex fuel. But I get 138 miles more on a tank. My only gripe is no memory seat functions sense I split Time with her on this car over the van. So why did you buy your captiva? I'm curious most bag on them. Let's see where they really fit in life!
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I purchased my 2012 Captiva because my former vehicle (2005 PT Cruiser) had more repairs that I cared to invest in. Needed a transmission overhaul that would have been more than the cost of the vehicle. For some, doing that would be ok, but I never really liked the PT Cruiser (a bit small for my tastes), and the fuel economy for it was poor considering the vehicle's size.

I had an eye on the Saturn Vue after its 2008 remodel....but I was still paying for the 2005 PT Cruiser at the time and didn't want to get upside down on my note. During those years, I had the opportunity to drive a 2009 Vue as a rental car on a vacation. Another family member also took a 2010 Vue on their vacation and was also pleased with it.

So as I got closer to the end of my car note (2010), I was all set to look seriously at the Vue....but everyone here knows what transpired in 2009 & 2010. I had my fingers crossed that Penske would pick up the Saturn line, but that didn't work out. I was discouraged, and decided to hold onto the PT Cruiser for a few more years (since it was paid off).....and also, there wasn't anything in GM's product line that pleased me. The Pontiac Torrent came close, but with Pontiac's demise, that was also a let-down.

Then read in the news that GM (Chevy) was going to resurrect the Vue as the Captiva sport.....that was my day! I couldn't wait to see them....and it took a few months before I saw one on the road. The dealerships in my area started to carry them and when my PT's transmission gave out, that was my "excuse" to look at the Captiva.

I'm discouraged that GM decided to cancel the Captiva Sport....and replace it with the Trax. I sat in a Buick Encore (corporate twin) and wasn't pleased with its size. I was hoping that GM would replace (update) the Captiva Sport with the European version (Captiva)....or at least the updated Captiva that is still sold in Mexico. What's weird is that I've seen some 2015's for sale. I was under the impression that the 2014's would be the final year (I'll post that in another forum question).

I've got a bit over 53k on it currently (purchased with a bit over 9k) and I've been pleased with my vehicle. A few quirks and minor issues have come up, but nothing nearly as bad as the PT Cruiser had. One quirk (I'll start a new thread for it) has got me curious if anyone on this forum can help.

So why did I purchase my 2012 Captiva....easy. To get rid of the albatross I owned previous (PT Cruiser) and the Captiva was close enough to what I originally wanted to purchase (Saturn Vue). I think my Captiva is just what the Saturn Vue would have been, if Saturn were still in production.
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