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wierd stereo position

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wierd stereo position *updated*

well im sure you guys know that on the 92 - whatever year, the stereo was just to the right of the steering wheel then farther right of that is the tape deck thing. was wondering what my options are with this set up. buddy of mine said that a friend of his took his stereo next to his steering wheel out and put a little cubby hole there then replaced the tape deck with the aftermarket deck, i was thinking that was a good idea but im not sure where i can get a cubby hole like that? if someone could point me in the right direction i would appreciat it

or can i just take out the OEM stereo and throw a aftermarket deck there? it doesnt look like it will fit tho but i guess i might as well ask since i found a cubby hole that would replace the tape deck lol

thanks to anyone that can give me some help.
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Just stop into a best buy & they shgould be able to to get you the dash kit and the pocket to replace the radio control mto the right of the steering wheel. If not best buy go to a custom stereo shop. I previously work in one. The install is easy.
About you stereo problem with no sound there is an amp back in the dash that must likely need to to replaced
There is a sliver box trace the wire from the control unit to it and the wire from the cassette deck also trace to it as well. it is on the driver side around were the gas pedal area at the top. i hope this help you find it.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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