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Will 35's fit on a 2011 Silverado with a 5 inch suspension lift?

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I bought a new silverado with a 5 inch pro comp suspension lift on it with 33" MT Baja's on it. I want to upsize to 35" tires and would prefer to keep a mud tire over an all terrain. 35's look like they'd fit but might possibly rub. I guess my question is will 35's fit with the set up I have currently and if not will a body lift allow it to work? Thanks for your time.
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They should. Most people who run 35s have 6 inches of lift so I assume they would fit, if not they'll only require a little bit of trimming or if you wanted to go the body lift route a 1.5 inch would do the trick and look pretty good. Its also fairly inexpensive for the results! Good luck
Yep should fit no problem. Remember to get the right backspacing on your new wheels.
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Have you considered a metric size tire, something like a 305/xx/xx. I'm not sure what size wheels you have but a 305 is just about 12" wide. I'm not sure about chevys but I know with Rams and fords its usually the 12.5" width that causes rubbing.
Unless something has changed very recently, Procomp doesn't make a 5" kit for your truck. If indeed you do have a Procomp suspension, then it's a 6" kit. If that's the case, then 35's will fit with trimming.
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