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will i need alignment with coil spring spacers

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i was just wondering if i would need an alignment if i put in 2" coil spacers, and also does anyone have a link to directions on how to intall them on a sierra or any truck for that matter just so i can get an idea
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Go to they will have the directions. And yes you should get an alignment because it will probly be off. Also I know a few people who had trouble getting it back into alignment after a spacer. Call the mud hole and ask if the 06's have the same problem. You might have to pick up some adjustable camber bolts from autozone.
Anytime you do anything to the suspension, you will need an alignment. The coil spring spacers are not hard to install, just go to autozone and rent a coil spring compressor if you don't have a buddy handy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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