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Window Tint?

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whats up ppl just wanted to be the FIRST one to post a window thread....

So how dark are you tinted windows on your colorado and have you gotten a ticket for that..????????

I have in the state of CALIFORNIA for too dark titnt......these cali rules and laws suck....
so how are the laws in you state?
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My driver and passenger side front windows are at 25%, totally illegal in Mississippi. No tickets yet.
hi guys this is my first post...I just got my new 2006 colorado ext cab and black....Tint was the very first thing i done, and its 5% all the way around.. Here in Indiana the law is 35%
i have a 2005 truck.
i had the side and rear windows done at 50% plus a strip accross the top of the windshield.
no tickets yet, but everybody here in florida is running tint.

if the police can run 75-80%, i think i should be able to run at 50%, although maybe i should start taking collections for any future ticket i may aquire?
I have 2006 Crew Cab Victory Red, I just got the windows tinted today and have 35% on Driver / Pass windows and 20% the rest of the way around. Legal is 50% in Ohio, but I have always run with these tint percentages.
va is getting tougher on its tint laws, 50% on front is the most you supposed to have, and some cities have police that is all they do is write tickets for it.
I stay in the Southwest. New Mexico, Arizona, Texas. So I have dark tink in the rear 50% and about 15% in the front, just to help keep things cool. I've never had a problem.
does anyone know the stock tint percent on the back little windows on a 1996 k1500 silverado ext cab? trying to match it
I'm at the limit in the state of Georgia, I think I'm at 15 all around and 20 on the front sides, if that makes sense. Whatever it is its dark as hell on the back and sides and dark enough on the front that most people can't see in most of the time. I like it, my wife hates it because she can't see out the windows when it's dark out.
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