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window wipers stop sometimes

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My window wipers stop while I’m driving, when I pull on them they go for a while and then they stop again any idea? :roll:
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There was a recall on the wipers for certain years. Can’t remember exactly what years.

You can find out if you have one of those at the NHTSA site.

There is a possibility that the wiper arm joint is jamming. Happens usually after many years of use.

Look inside the cowl, between the windshield and the hood threw the vents while the wipers are running. They should run smoothly, there should be no jerking in the linkage.

I have had to re lube the ball joint on the back of the wiper motor where it attaches to the wiper linkage. It is a pain to do, but can be done.

Also where the wipers attach to the cowl can loosen up there and cause what is happening.

Check those and get back to us.
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I had the same issue on a 92 GMC fullsize truck, tracked it down to being the control board that mounts to the wiper motor. Found an aftermarket replacement board at Autozone in the help section for under $30. No repeats.
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