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Wiring Diagram for 08 Silverado 4.3L

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Hello Everyone,

So I just purchased a power door lock/keyless entry kit from ebay (I got tired of reaching across the cabin to unlock the passenger side door) and the seller didn't include a wiring diagram with the package. Does anyone know where I can get a hold of one?

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i dont have any idea about the wiring but was courious as to where u found the power window and door lock kit. i would like to do the same for my truck
Hey... it's only a power door lock it. I have yet to install it though... been pretty busy these past couple of weekends. It's a generic kit from ebay ( i spent about $40 for 2 power door lock motors and the keyless entry kit) I'll let you know how the install goes. I can send you the link to the ebay store if you like.

yeah that would be good to have the link. how does ur kit work for the button in the door or does it have one. and they come with key fobs?
Here's the link to the exact item I purchased...

It's the keyless entry with 2 remotes. It says it's double-pulse programmable (1 click = only driver's side unlocks, 2 clicks = driver and passenger side unlock)

Since we've got cable style locks, I had to purchase this adapter...

There aren't any switches, so you'd have to use the remote to lock/unlock the passenger door. There are other sites that sell switches, from what I've found they're about $20/switch. Also, the keyless entry is programmable to sync the locks with the ignition (lock when ignition is turned, and unlock when the engine is turned off).

All in all with shipping, it came out to $56 and some change. Not too bad, now I've just gotta get the darn thing installed.
thanks for the link. let me know how it goes in. i just bought a new tool box for work and spent a pretty penny on all that so im out of spending anymore right now but would like to know how that kit treats u with the install and operation afterwards. so hit me up when complete. thanks
ive installed many of these kits before, and really the hardest part is to mount the actuator out of the way, and get the linkage bent properly. Im really confused to why you need a wiring kit for your truck the only thing that has to be wired to the truck is the constant power and ground.

for the wiring to the ignition for unlock and lock, fin out which wire has what polarity and when on the ignigtion and hook it up

The reason for asking for the wiring diagram is to help with the install of my keyless entry kit. I'd like to be able to wire it so the parking lights flash when locking/unlocking the doors and have the horn honk when locking too. I'd like to have as much info as possible before I start opening up panels and stuff.

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