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Wiring for Electric Trailer Brakes

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Have a 1998 Suburban 1500 that I am wiring for electric trailer brakes. Have everything in but the wire that goes to the brake switch - can't get my old, fat hand up high enough to grab it. Since there is only one bulb (or set of wires that go to the brake light I can't run it to there. Does anyone have a tip or trick on where to connect the brake signal wire to? The vehicle does not have a heavy duty towing package - at least not that I can find. All it had was the four connector at the rear. For enticement some home made chipotle :great: chile powder for the right answer.

thanks - NMTROUT
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You should be able to drop a cover on the lower center dash to get to the brake switch wire. It's way up there, but you should be able to get it. Then, under the hood stuffed between the firewall and the wheel well should be an orange and blue wire for the electric brakes. I don't think there's anywhere else convenient to get the brake switch. I'm not sure if a wiring harness exists to plug into the junction box to get all the wiring for a brake controller.
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