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Wiring for Electric Trailer Brakes

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Have a 1998 Suburban 1500 that I am wiring for electric trailer brakes. Have everything in but the wire that goes to the brake switch - can't get my old, fat hand up high enough to grab it. Since there is only one bulb (or set of wires that go to the brake light I can't run it to there. Does anyone have a tip or trick on where to connect the brake signal wire to? The vehicle does not have a heavy duty towing package - at least not that I can find. All it had was the four connector at the rear. For enticement some home made chipotle :great: chile powder for the right answer.

thanks - NMTROUT
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I know this thread is a little old, but I'm about to install a trailer brake setup on my 98 Suburban. Finding this thread just made my job a helluvalot easier.
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