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Working on several leads

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I'm talking with several different companies about getting some type of online discount for goods and services. This site is so new that they're a little shy of making anything bold discounts available.

However, I am confident that these will all be worked out and we'll have a good relationship in the future. :)

This is a great place to buy chevy parts at a discount
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Sounds great. Would love to get a discount on some stuff for my Tahoe. I'm in the middle of fixing it up. Hard to believe that a 1997 is now considered to be 9 years old!
Because this site is beginning to grow at a pretty good rate, it's easier and easier to get to talk to manufacturers, wholesalers and other retail outlets that have goods to discount. I'm looking for both parts and services to get discounts for. We may workup a deal where people put a small window sticker on their Tahoe/Yukon and then they might be able to get things like discounts on car washes at some national chain car wahses, or a discount on an oil change, etc.

Obviously, there will be some type of link from my site directly to the online retailers (with a "coupon code" or something) to get your discount for the parts, etc. What do people think about getting a window sticker for a discount on things like car washes and oil changes?
That is Awsome!!! I own Apache Acres Paintball. Anybody who comes out and plays with a tahoe and mentions this site. 5.00 off.
Looks like great fun. I should get out and do some painballing one of these days. It's been YEARS!
didn't mean to post headlight question in wrong forum...sorry!
Steve, you are a good guy and your site reflects it!! So nice to be here!!
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