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Hey all!

And a very happy new 2008! :party:

I now had my '03 Burb for a month and a half and made som 2500 miles. Total on the meter is 30 K.

I've noticed an annoying (and worrying) sound, which seems to come from the left front wheel. It's a kind of rapidly pulsating rumbling noise. It goes away when I turn the wheel right ever so slightly, but it's there when going straight or turning left. I now have brand new, steel studded tires which gives more of a road noise, but this is somthing else. I'm taking it up with my dealer soon ( :grrrrrr: :rules: ), but would like to have some ideas as to the cause before that.

Any hints would be appreciated.
sounds like you have a hub problem to me
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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