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Hello everyone!. I just bought a 2000 Silverado 2500 LS Crew Cab 4x4 Short box with a matching Topper (Dark Toreador, Metalic, whatever color that is; I call it Wine but the Registry office called Maroon) and I'm trying to get some more info on it as there was no manual with it. I know most people toss them but call me a nerd if you want, I read them and keep them for reference.

I'm from Alberta, Canada and and unlike most of our vehicles up here, this was built in Flint, Michigan. Now what that means is that if it was built in Canada or for Canada, the 2000 2500 should of had a 6 liter (366 ci) motor but as it was built in Flint, it has a 7.4 liter (454 ci) Vortec. So, we're not sure if the engine has been replaced or if it's stock or if it's a Heavy Duty. It doesn't say HD anywhere but up here, NONE of the 2500's came with a 454 in them, only the 3500's had them. Either that or it was built for Commercial use but without the manual to tell me that, I'm at a loss. And to buy a manual, it's $65.00 Can. Although I got a good deal on the truck (I traded my 89 GMC Sierra 3500 Crew Cab 8' box 4x4 + $7600.00 Can), I'm a bit too cheap to spend money that way. I'm going back up to the GM dealer tomorrow to get some hoses & plugs and I'm going to ask if they can run the VIN # to see if they can get any info for me on it that way. In the meantime, if anyone has any words of wisdom or any point me somewhere I can find the info, I'd sure appreciate it. Plus if anybody has any tips about maintenance, etc., for this puppy, also thanks.
We're heading down to Minot, ND for the HostFest next month and pulling our 30' travel trailer so I want to make sure everything is good order before we go. We traveled into the States last August from the 1st to the 29th & went all the way down through Salt Lake City to Vegas to L.A. then to a little town north of L.A. called Morro Bay on the coast. From there we boogied back to the border in just 4 days but on the 1st, just 30 miles north of Great Falls, Montana the fuel pump went on the old truck. Now that was a problem that would have happened at home or anywhere with no warning but it still messed us for 4 days at the beginning of our trip. I don't want a repeat this year so I need to make sure I get everything checked & fixed if needed (the future son-in-law is a mechanic & a worry-wart).
Regards to anyone for any information or help. Lloyd.
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