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Wreck breaks intake manifold cover mount

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After a minor wreck, it was found that the mount that takes the bolt that holds the intake manifold cover on was broken on the manifold, opening a hole. Starting the engine and it revd to 3000 RPM, covering the hole and it dropped back to its normal 500. The repair consisted of gluing that mount back to the manifold with JB weld. What is the opinion on this repair? Will it last? Will reinstalling the manifold cover and its bolt eventually break it open again?
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All things being as they are that JB weld will fail at the most inconvenient time.
JB weld is great for a quick fix to get you back to where you can do a proper repair, but I never trust it for a permanent repair.
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Any front end impact can cause damage to the steering shafts and box. Even if that part wasn't directly impacted.
Noises and sensations of this type can be telescoped through the steering shafts and steering wheel.
I'd start by getting the front wheels safely in the air, run the engine and have someone slowly turn the wheel back and forth while you check the Underhood gearbox joints (rag joint) and shafts for any irregularities, be careful of hot parts, spinning parts, and turning assemblies from the steering gear.
If you don't find the culprit down there, then move under the dash. A mechanics stethoscope might help here to determine what area the noise is coming from. But at that point you'll need to disassemble the column.. I'd be looking at any bearings, or maybe a small piece knocked out of place interfering with another part.
In the off chance the clicking goes away when the wheels are off the ground and turning the steering wheel that would point me more towards a bearing or spline joint.
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