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Wreck breaks intake manifold cover mount

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After a minor wreck, it was found that the mount that takes the bolt that holds the intake manifold cover on was broken on the manifold, opening a hole. Starting the engine and it revd to 3000 RPM, covering the hole and it dropped back to its normal 500. The repair consisted of gluing that mount back to the manifold with JB weld. What is the opinion on this repair? Will it last? Will reinstalling the manifold cover and its bolt eventually break it open again?
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Thanks, guess I'm in the market for a new intake manifold.
tbplus10, since you are highly rated, another issue from this wreck is the steering shaft. No impact to the steering was involved, AC condenser, oil coolers, and radiator no damage, the steering was just fine before the wreck, smooth as silk. Now, you can hear a click in the steering column as the wheel is turned, it sounds like it wants to cancel the turn signal when it is not on, works fine to cancel when used. Did not have an issue with this before, read where the splined coupling may need grease, but don't think that is the issue here. All I can think of is my wife had a death grip on the steering wheel when she hit and something has been forced. Air bags did not deploy, damage was all cosmetic except for this, the intake manifold problem and a cracked coolant overflow tank.
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