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Writeup on the 5.7L GM engine

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Excellent performance and durability across a wide variety of applications. Part of GM's small-block V8 series, it’s one of the most successful engines in automotive history. Available for most GM applications from 1970 to current. Available with standard 2-bolt main caps and in heavy-duty 4-bolt main versions.

- Nodular iron crankshaft features enlarged journal fillet for increased durability
- Induction-hardened inlet valve seats and sintered powder metal exhaust valve seat inserts for maximum durability
- On 1987 and newer applications, the hydraulic roller lifter camshaft is optimized for maximum performance
- Designed to use gasoline, propane gas or natural gas
- Overhead valve configuration produces high torque at lower RPM for excellent take-off power and quieter operation
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GM 5.7L Engine

What a great motor, designed for high torque ratios at low end RPM's which makes it the perfect engine for a truck, good on gas, not too shabby on the highway, I can keep mine between 15 and 17 hundred rpms and still do 130km's. This truck has more stock power on the bottom end than any car I've ever owned. Just treat it right and it will be a great motor for you.

My 5.7 l is a rebuilt (practically brand new) engine for my 1996 chevy k1500 4x4 z71 ext cab short box. My dad's best friend rebuilt it for me and used higher compression pistons, and a 4 bolt main block. everythigng else you could call stock components although a lot has been upgraded. A lot of the upgrades they did to the 98 99 and even 2000 trucks have been incorporated into this engine. It has never been dyno'd but I will put it at around 305hp and not sure about torque.

I plan on upgrading the truck with true dual exhaust, throttle spacer, new racing ignition all perfomance with special plugs, cold air intake w/functional cowl hood, among other things relating to horsepower and fuel efficiency. After I have done all this I will dyno it and hope to increase the horsepower to around 400, though I'm hoping to get more out of it. But getting off topic here....

the 5.7l, a feat of mechanical engineering and one of the greatest most popular engines ever invented.
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Fantastic engine. :great:
Mine is the original in a '93 Silverado with 206K miles. Have had zero mechanical problems, and still get 16/19 mpg. I only wish the bodies would last like the motors.
I wish the bodies lasted as long as the motors too. Our 1994 Sierra has 242K, rocker panels are rusted, but the original engine is in it. Has had some minor work done to the motor. Great proven engine though.
5.7 liter GM powerplant

These engines are just unkillable. I never once had a problem with my 1994 GMC Suburban 2X4 5.7l TBI,
i brought her up to 300,000 kms ( about 190k miles ) before making the mistake of selling her. I guess we live and learn.


2004 Chevy Suburban 4X4 5.3 liter

1991 Chevy Caprice Classic 5.0 liter
1994 GMC Suburban 5.7 liter 2X4
1995 Chevy Camaro 3.8 liter
1996 Chevy Cavalier Z-22
1997 Chevy Malibu
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It's funny. Less then three years ago I never owned a 350. I was sort of a Dodge man for the most part. Then I bought my 89 K1500 in 2003. It had a 305. Figured by the time I bought another truck, I would be into the 5.3s. Now I own three 350s. One Vortec, two TBIs. They run great, good power and decent economy. 135K on the truck, 175K on the Tahoe, who knows on the 81:lol:
Blame GM for killing their only perfect motor (not including the LS1). I had two 98s with the 5.7 and when I went to upgrade in 07, I discovered they had discontinued the 5.7 in 1999! I went with the 5.3 in a 1500 CC 4x4 Z71 because those *cough*GAY*cough* Vortec MAXX badges.....the 09 doesn't have a few thousand miles I am planning to upgrade to a 2500 vortec 6.0
yea i had an 86 chevy c 1 ton and a 90 chevy suburban both with the 350 badass motors when u put the 86 in low gear that truck was unstoppable powerwise
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