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I believe I have read about this before but can't find the thread. I was talking to a fellow Tahoe owner last weekend, we were traveling for the holiday, and we were mutually agreeing how much we love our trucks. I mentioned that my 06 w/32K miles was needing to have the u-joints replaced. I get a lot of clunking during down-shifting and going from reverse to drive. The dealer acknowledged 6 months ago there was slop in the joints but downloaded a new software fix to the tranny and said it should be better. Well it was for a while but now its getting bad again.

Anyway, this brother Tahoe owner said that he was having a click or something in his steering and his mechanic said GM had put the wrong grease in at the factory. I wish I would have written down what he called the part, all I remember was an upper something or other. His 04 Tahoe was out of warranty so his shop charged him $134 for the service. Anyone have any idea what this is about.

Also any suggestions for service bulletins, recalls etc that I should have done when I take it in for the u-joints as it will be out of warranty soon.



Here is the link to the actual discussion on that steering issue...if your friend could have been persistent some dealers will actually fix it as a good will
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