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Our family would like to adopt your '87 - '91 4 wheel drive burb. It must be in very good to excellent shape, body, mechanics and interior. We would prefer to have all 3 seats.

In return we will give your burb a fine home with weekly or monthly trips to the lake, mountains and coast. We will give him or her exceptional care and feeding.

Would prefer the adoption to take place in the SE but would be willing to travel for the right burb.

We are not open to 2 wheel drives no matter how nice. Prefernces are to stock to slight mods (no 11" lifts). We would entertain older burbs but not newer.

You can reach us through here or at "psrumors at adelphia dot net".


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RE: WTD: To Adopt Your

We have an 86 the wife will not allow to leave, no matter how much I beg.

It is only 2 wheel drive but I have never gotten stuck with it, ever. and we live in Maine.

I got her a 94 with 4 wheel drive trying to replace that one and hopeing to get her to go along with it.

Didn't work. She said now that we have the new one I have to do all the body work on this one.

You will be hard pressed to find someone willing to part with a Burb here, at least I think so, we will see.
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