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Would like to trade and/or sell my Camry for a truck.

We've owned this car almost since it was brand new...bought it with 12,000 miles or so back in 1997. It has power windows/locks, CD player, cruise control, and is the LE model. The interior is kind of a gray color and is also in very good shape. It has 170,000 miles but a large portion of that are highway miles to visit the in-laws up north and various vacations. I have just about all maintenance records, but here are some highlights of the car:
-New tires at 169,500 miles (July 2007)
-New timing belt installed June 2006 at 153,000 miles. This was the second time this service was completed (first time was at 70K in June 2001), as recommended by the dealership.
-New water pump (and coolant flush) June 2006…regular maintenance.
-New belts June 2006 (belts for A/C, water pump, and power steering).
-New battery May 2006
-Replaced the valve cover gaskets due to small oil leak in March 2006.
-Full tune up at 150,000 miles in March 2006 (new plugs, transmission flush).
-Front brakes replaced June 2005 at 130,000. Been getting 60K out of brakes due to higher than average highway miles.
-Oil changed every 3,000 – 5,000 miles.
-Brand new tires with less than 1,000 miles on them.
-Tagged and inspected until September 2008.
-Wheels and spoiler.

The Toyota V-6 has been proven very reliable and we've had no issues at all. You get the added benefit of a larger engine without sacrificing mileage (I get 22 in city and 28 on highway). Having the larger engine means there is less stress on the engine as compared to a 4 cylinder...translation: will last longer. I'm selling because I want to find a good used truck...a Chevy/GMC extended cab would be perfect.



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