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Sorry if this is a repeat but I did search posts time and again. Just did a front speaker replacement in my wife's 2004 TB. Got the Infinity 6030CS Components and they sound great! We each have an XM Onyx in our cars Three questions.

I have an FM direct connect kit which, of course, won't work in her TB as is due to the kit having the standard Motorola Antenna connections. The TB has the the standard AM/FM/CD (no changer), no cassette head unit with the "GM Antenna connector". I can access the antenna connection at the back of the radio and also the inline connection via the glove box, What is the bet/cheapest way to resolve this?

1) Buy Motorola male and female antenna connectors, cut the antenna cable and add the two Motorola connections so they will connect to the XM Direct Connect kit.
2) Buy some adapters to go from the GM antenna connectors to the Motorola connectors (there is an accessible splice male/female connection reachable in the glove box that I can disconnect)? If so, anyone know of a place to get the simplest adapters. I would need two so I can end up with a Motorola male and female to plug into the XM direct connect kit. Can't see a reason to buy adapters with cables on them. There must be inexpensive one piece adapters somewhere.
3) Buy an XM FM Direct Kit made for GM factory radios. Searched and cannot find one. Anyone?

Second question: My Onyx, playing thru a cassette (as I want to use the direct connect for her car until I get another one), plays loud thru the radio even though the output from the Onyx is at less than <1/2 "volume". Playing the XM in the TB via the built in FM Modulator (on the best channel), with the Onyx at full line output, nets only very modest volume on the TB radio (normal listening volume would mean the radio would have to be turned up to 3/4 volume). Do you think this is because of the FM Modulator connect or do you think I could possible have a bad Onyx? Think a direct connect kit will fix this?

Last: One day I may decide to replace the headunit with an XM Ready one. Budget conscious suggestions?

Thanks, for any and all advice! What a phenomenal forum. I hope to be able to help others now and then.
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