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Hello. I am new to this forum, but not new to GM trucks, as I have always owned one since I started driving 23 years ago. I was a mechanic for a bunch of years, and have always solved my own problems... until now.
My power locks stopped working on my 99 Yukon, both with and without the FOB. Neither door switch will work, nor will the one located at the rear hatch. There is power at all the switches, and the (cig lighter) fuse is good. The relay under the dash clicks when a switch is triggered, but nothing happens in the doors. I have replaced the relay under the dash with two others that I picked up at a salvage yard, but the same results deemed that idea invalid.

The past few months before they went out for good, they would work, but when it rained or got extremely cold, they would stop working until they had ample time to dry out. All of a sudden, one day they would not work at all. This kind of points to an electrical short from my experience, but where does one begin to look?

Google has not been a friend of mine in this quest for an answer, yielding no successful answers. I know that this is a common problem with these trucks, but where are the fixes??
Please help me as this is driving me nuts.
I appreciate any and all questions, answers and comments.
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