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Yukon XL Fender flares.

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As Bushwacker do not have a listing for a 3" fender extension for a Yukon I thought I ask here. Will a fenders extension made for a 03-06 GM truck fit? My tires are currently out too far and I have to come up with a solution.

Any experienced input is highly appreciated.

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The differance is the passenger side doors, theres not enough room between the door and the wheel well for a flare.
side doors does not conflict on the XL at all, hence I was thinking the Sierra flares would fit...
Just received an email from Bushwacker saying they only have the OEM style for the Yukon. I guess I'm heading to a store and see for myself. I have a strong feeling I can modify it to fit....
I must be missing something here.. I cannot for the life of me see why a set for a truck won't fit my Yukon. I willfind out as soon as I get home. I need the 3" flares as I have 20x10 rims..
If they fit post pictures please.
I sure will. Got a few other projects lined up first but will get to the bottom of it or make them myself (no, not the Lowes way....)
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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