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Where is it leaking coolant?

2001 Suburban Loosing Coolant

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Got a message on the DIC "Low Coolant". It has 290k miles. WP replaced around 150k miles. Radiator, hoses and connectors are original. Reservoir level is very low. I saw coolant dripping at the back of the engine oil pan under cover. Probably dripping on the under cover and running down the back.
I'm going to park it for a while until I can find time to investigate as I am going out of town for a few weeks.
Any guesses?
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Things to do to be prepared. Go to the help isle at any auto parts store and get an extra or even two extra inlet or outlet couplers that go to your heater core. I have a 2001 2500HD 6.0 and my radiator was leaking right where one of the hoses go into it. It is usually a very small and slow leak until it starts to crack more. Must of the time it will be the inlet couplers. I would definitely check your water pump. I have replaced mine once before. It cracks then leaks from it's seals. It will drive for awhile but replacement asap if you can.
Thank you for the advice.

I know I have a complete set of hoses and plastic fittings I bought a few years back and had planned on replacing the original ones but never got around doing it. I have to find them though and they are in a box some place in the attic. I hope they are not dry rotted. 😒
Won't be able to work on it til next two weeks.
Ahhh... If they are dry rotten then they are very cheap! I literally have an extra one I have thrown in my glove compartment with a drive belt in one of the back seat pockets. They will break more frequently if you drive through a lot of flooded roads. You have hot coolant on the inside and cold water on the outside then Crackle snap pop you have coolant everywhere.
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